From the smallest brochure sites to the largest installations, Astroluxe Innovations will design, fix, upgrade, tweak, manage, or host your product, and do it to a higher standard and at a better price than our competition.

We do not have such a thing as a “normal client.” Among the companies we work with, you’ll find a sports outlet, a podcast distributor, a management consultancy, a political magazine, a theme park guide, a recording studio, a speech therapist’s office, and a tech startup. The only thing they all have in common: they are delighted with their websites. Get in touch to find out what we can do for you.

Design and Development

Some customers come to us with a sketch drawn on a napkin. Some come with a creaky website that needs a little love and care. A few have no idea at all where to start. We don’t mind what stage you’re at, we’ll happily take on your project and build you something terrific.

Ours is not a one-size-fits all approach, and we do not make cookie-cutter products. We build a lot of websites, but we also work with forums, wikis, galleries, feeds, podcasts, business-to-business tools, and more. Ask, and ye shall receive.

Hosting and Management

All the websites we host and manage are run on our custom-built, blazing-fast, worldwide network: Universe. We know better than most that every company has different needs, which is why our hosting setup is entirely modular. Have a lot of users and need a lot of processing power as a result? Need to ensure that your site stays online when your traffic unexpectedly spikes? Need to guarantee that your Australian visitors have as good an experience as those logging in from across the street in Tulsa. We can make that happen. We’ll even keep your site protected and up-to-date, so that you can focus on what matters most: your business.


Many publishers are struggling to keep hosting costs down and ad revenues up. Luckily for them, we can do both at the same time—and without the intrusive, one-size-fits-all “deals” that too many companies offer. Ask us about implementing our advertising network on your site.