From the Log

Introducing Starfield

We’ve been running our own content delivery network (CDN) for a while, but we’ve never been quite sure what to call it. Until now. Introducing Starfield.

Starfield is a private content delivery network with nodes across the United States, Europe, Asia, and Oceania. All of the websites we host use Starfield to deliver crucial elements such as css, javascript, and images from as close to the user as possible. We also use it to deliver heavier assets such as podcasts. As well as speeding up delivery, Starfield adds security, redundancy, and reliability to our network by distributing requests across servers and around the world.

Why “Starfield”? Well, because, like our content delivery network, the stars are spread out everywhere across the universe. Most of our setup consists of discrete units such as servers (Planets), databases (Moons, which “orbit” those planets), security perimeters (Atmospheres), and caching layers (Tropospheres). But our CDN is everywhere at once. If you live in Australia, you’ll automatically be connected to the nodes in Australia. If you live on the West Coast, it’s California. If you’re in England, you’ll be served by London. And so on. Starfield surrounds the rest of our infrastructure.

If you’re interested in using Starfield as part of a broader hosting package — or even standalone — please get in touch. Our rates are better than Amazon Cloudfront and most other CDN providers, and we are happy to tailor the settings to your exact needs.